Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971) – One of my Hammer Favourites

The Horror Hothouse

Oh I do like the Horror Channel on Freeview. On Wednesday evening they transported me back to the early 1970s when I used to sneak into the late night horror double bills at the Muswell Hill Odeon . Forget about kitchen sink drama and the odd worthy epic in the early 1970s, Hammer Horrors and Carry Ons were the British films that put bums on seats in your local Odeon or ABC and Hammer even got a Queen’s Award For Industry!

Now as the permissive era of the 1960s morphed into the 1970s, Hammer ramped up the sex and nudity content of films like The Vampire Lovers (1970).

Although pretty mild by today’s standards these films hit the late night cinema circuit as I hit puberty and a handy early growth spurt that got me safely past cinema ushers. Roy Ward Baker directed The Vampire Loversand the following year…

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