The Sleeping Room (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

Blue discovers the two-way mirror Blue discovers the two-way mirror

When teenage prostitute Blue (Leila Mimmack) goes to meet new client Bill (Joseph Beattie) she doesn’t get what she expects. You see the Brighton flat that Bill is restoring was a notorious Victorian brothel. What’s more Bill has a mutoscope that contains images taken by the brothel owner and Blue discovers a secret ‘Sleeping Room’ behind a two-way mirror.


A second visit to Bill reveals more about the brothel’s past and how it is linked to Blue’s murky family history and the death of her mother. As Blue becomes obsessed with uncovering her family secrets, they come back to haunt her big time, as a monstrous supernatural force is unleashed in the house, baying for revenge. As if that isn’t bad enough her psycho pimp Freddie (David Sibley) is a bit upset with her for breaking the two visits per client rule, it’s not going…

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