Boys on Film 13: Trick or Treat

The Horror Hothouse

We like portmanteau films at Horror Hothouse, from Ealing’s Classic Dead of Night and the Amicus chillers of the 60s and 70s   to George A Romero’s Creepshow there was always a little nugget to get under your skin, sometimes quite literally!

Ghostly goings on in Sweden Ghostly goings on in A Last Farewell

Boys on Film 13:Trick or Treat is a collection of ten short films from the UK, Sweden, Holland, Canada, the USA and Australia from our friends at arthouse, gay and lesbian film specialists Peccadillo Pictures. There is quite a lot to enjoy in Trick or Treat. Some of the movies like Anna Nolskog’s Boygame or John Connolly’s Vis-a-Vis will make you laugh with their naive confused sexuality or calculated but incompetent duplicity, others like Lazlo and Dylan Tonk’s Caged with its depiction of love and friendship overcoming stupid prejudice will uplift your spirits and  some like Caspar Andreas’s A Last…

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