Clean Break (2015)

The Horror Hothouse

So Cam (Samy Osman), Dan (Serge Plourde) and Scott (Sean Kaufmann) are sharing a house. Cam is an obnoxious twat who likes to shag women and then abandon them, Dan is a bit of a handy man with the decorating and Scott has just lost his job in a fried chicken restaurant. Hoping to cheer Scott up Cam takes him to a party at his office where Scott hooks up with Tracy (Tianna Nori).


Before long Tracy has moved in and starts winding up Cam when she leaves her stuff in the bathroom, Cam calls a house meeting and reads Tracy the new house rules. Big mistake, since it inspires Tracy to start working on getting rid of Scott’s housemates, She starts off fairly vicious but low-key by puncturing Cam’s condom stash, but works her way up to a more permanent and gruesome solution in Canadian director Tricia Lee’s tale…

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