Among the Living (Aux Yeux Des Vivants) 2014

The Horror Hothouse

Let’s face it skipping school on the last day of term is rarely a smart thing to do in a horror movie, but Victor (Theo Fernandez) and his pals Tom and Dan aren’t content with just playing a bit of hookey. Oh no they set light to barn and then go exploring the derelict Blackwoods Film studio lot. Future isn’t looking too promising lads is it?

AmongtheLivingFeat Oh whatever it is its a a bad idea kids

As luck would have it they aren’t the only folks there, because traumatised ex-soldier Isaac (Francis Renaud) and his son Klarence (Fabien Jegadez) are holed up in the studio basement along with Klarence’s pickled fetus of a brother and their latest bound kidnap victim. Worse than that, when Isaac was in the army he was subjected to experimental nerve gasses which resulted in baby Klarence being just a bit big, scary and psychopathicly violent…

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