The Monster Chronicles Tiktik AKA Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles (2012)

The Horror Hothouse

When Makoy (Dindong Dantes) leaves Manila to follow Sonia (Lovi Poe), his pregnant girlfriend back to her village, little did he expect the hostility with which he was greeted. After getting a good walloping with a saucepan from Ma, Makoy attempts to curry favour with Sonia’s dad Nestor (Joey Marquez) by offering to buy a pig  for Sonia’s birthday party.

tiktik2.jpg Dingdong Dantes is Makoy

Mind you Makoy does not want to pay too much for the porker so on the recommendation of Sonia’s cousin Bart, he and Nestor head for an isolated village where Bart says they can get a bargain. Yep bad idea, because the village belongs to a tribe of aswangs (Filipino shapeshifters) and they like nothing more than the taste of new-born human baby.

So Makoy gets his piggy home and ties it up in the kitchen, only of course it’s not a pig and after a…

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