Scott Lyus Steps out of the Shadow

The Horror Hothouse

Official Still 3 Sophie Tergeist is Lucette in Silently Within Your Shadow

There’s something pretty creepy about a ventriloquist’s dummy, and little Hugo (voiced by horror legend Bill Moseley) has to be one of the most malevolent ones we have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with. Hugo’s unusual relationship with his owner Lucette  (Sophie Tergeist) and her boyfriend Jace (Byron Fernandes) is the subject of Silently Within Your Shadow, the third professional short by director Scott Lyus and is definitely one to check out on the horror circuit right now (2016).

We caught up with Scott between shows and asked him how he got into filmmaking:

‘I first got into filmmaking, or the idea of filmmaking, when I saw Jurassic Park. At the time I had no idea of what a director, producer or any other role really consisted of, but I knew I wanted to create these amazing images and…

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