Friday Morning Creature Features – The Renown Pictures Monster Collection

The Horror Hothouse

I love late 50s early 60s British sci-fi, especially if it has some kind of monster in it and The Renown Pictures Monster Collection contains four Brit movies from that monochrome era (except for Gorgo which is in colour) plus four similar vintage flicks from the good old US of A and a not so vintage bit of 70s filler on three DVDs and all for about £22.


Let’s start with the good stuff: Womaneater (1958) stars Hollywood veteran George Coulouris as Dr James Moran, a scientist and explorer who has returned from the Amazon with a tree from which he is harvesting a serum to reanimate the dead, the drawback is that the tree needs regular feeding and not with Baby Bio. Starlet Vera Day is the eye candy who having been sacked from a fun fair beauty pageant, becomes his secretary, and then falls foul of Moran’s evil…

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