Counter Clockwise (2016)

The Horror Hothouse

Time Travel, yeah it looks like fun on Dr Who, but as geeky scientist Ethan (Michael Kopelow) discovers in Counter Clockwise it is an almighty pain in the arse when all is said and done.

counter future or past ouch coming up?

Ethan wasn’t even trying to invent a time machine when his matter transference experiment goes wrong. No Cronenberg style mess when the one-eyed pooch gets zapped from transference machine A, no nothing arrives in machine B for hours, then doggie is back with even the single eye right in the socket where it should be. So naturally Ethan has to give it a go, only to find himself six months ahead in the future with his lab locked up and his mum in a coma. As if that’s not bad enough he is also wanted for the murder of his wife and sister.

Hooking up with former assistant…

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