Frankenstein Created Bikers (2016) – UK Premiere at Billy Chainsaw’s Subterranean

The Horror Hothouse

frank poster

As the first snows of winter swept though old London town, a bunch of us hardy horror fans braved the icy elements to enjoy the dark delights of the capital city’s top extreme transgressive film club Billy Chainsaw’s Subterranean at SE1’s Underdog Gallery.  And what a night it was, kicking off with Bugs, the William Burroughs inspired third part of Chainsaw and Collier’s cut up Triptych that began with Flies and Goats. A pretty intense audio-visual experience none of these Chainsaw Collier cut up shorts will ever be available to see outside of indie film screenings so watch out for on in your area.

The sensory overload continued with Jason Atomic’s Satanic Mojo Manifesto with Black Acid Introduction combining extreme occult and psychedelic visual and aural imagery with an overlaid spoken word pice from Mr Atomic, a pretty intense piece.

And so onto the main feature James Bickert’s

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