The Fiance (2016) – We talk Bigfootism? with Writer/Director Mark Michaels

The Horror Hothouse

fiance-poster The Fiance poster

The Fiancéis a Bigfoot movie with a difference. Dallas Valdez is dodgy businessman Michael who falls for the lovely Sara (Carrie Keagan) the daughter of a Russian Mafia Don. Michael intends to pop the question to Sara over the weekend out at his secluded woodland cabin and is just relaxing to some hot jazz (on vinyl naturally because that’s the kind of trendy guy Michael is) when a dishevelled Sara turns up at the door. She’s met a Bigfoot and not just your ordinary kind of walking carpet monster, this one has bitten her and passed on his condition. Michael’s happy weekend is about to take a whopping great nosedive.

fiance3 Michael likes listening to jazz on vinyl and drives a Lexus let’s face it he deserves what’s coming

Now there’s been a lot of Bigfoot movies over the past few years like Abominable (2006, basically Rear…

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