The Unfamiliar (2020, UK)

Simon's Horrible Hothouse of Horror

Stepping outside the familiar (see what I did there) of Euro/US folk horror The Unfamiliar drags us into the depths of Oceanic folk horror.

The family holiday didn’t go as planned

Izzy (Jemima West) is British Army doctor who has just returned from a traumatic tour of duty in Afghanistan. things are not right little Tommy (Harry McMillan Hunt) has built a radio that he says allows him to speak to dad in his sleep, which is seldom a good sign and teenage Emma (Rebecca Hanssen) has gone off playing the piano and that’s without all the weird shit going on like pictures being turned back to front, strange shadows moving behind you and vividly gruesome hallucinations. Is it Izzy’s PTSD kicking in or is it something much more sinister.

Car maintenence not a good idea with evil spirits about

A chance encounter with a medium in her psychologist’s waiting…

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