About the Ship’s Cook

Me – St Petersburg

So who is the Ship’s Cook?

He used to research and decide what went on the UK’s stamps. Before that he was a corporate PR, copy writer and editor.

He likes to travel and has been once around the world. So far he thinks he may have visited 46 countries (going by the criteria that they issue their own postage stamps). Before it all went horribly wrong at the Simonseeks (no relation) travel website he was ranked no. 13 out of over 800 travel writers on their books. Twenty of his travel-guides are still there to read online if you are interested despite the payments no longer rolling in.

In the past he has been caged with wolves, draped with a python, swum with dolphins, licked by a lion and kissed by a supermodel, but not all in the same day.

He has an MA in the History of Science and Medicine.

Now he is a London based pen for hire. He writes about all things supernatural and spooky, gruesome and gory for Horror Hothouse and hosts the Telly Tomb over at The Spooky Isles. If you like what you read here and want to hire him, he would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below and he will get back to you.

This blog is about the stuff he likes: like food, travel, architecture, art, design, real music, books, pre-1980s Horror and Sci-fi films, dysfunctional detectives, history, wildlife and Sherlock Holmes. Invitations from PRs for reviews are most welcome, but he will say as he finds.

And yes he is a pretty good cook, although he has yet to rustle up anything on a ship.

14 thoughts on “About the Ship’s Cook

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  2. Hello, I find your blog inspiring for someone like me who is also fond of photography and travel. So I am nominating you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please check out the rules HERE or you may also visit my blog, Gasm Travels. Thanks and congratulations for a very inspiring blog!

    • All but the wolves and dolphins happened while I was at work. Thanks to the nature of my various jobs I got to meet and work with lots of fascinating people, some famous like Sir Patrick Moore or Professor Richard Holmes who are sadly no longer with us, but many just ordinary people with exceptional interests. I also got to see places that tourists never see and work with many different animals

  3. Hello Ship’s Cook,

    I saw your commentary on travelspirit333’s Barcelona trip. You said you ran in the naked guy in this city.

    I am working on a music video for a song dedicated to Barcelona. I was wondering if you have any stock video footage left over from your trip that I could use in my music video?

    I am in love with this city and am trying to make a video collage about it.

    Here is the link to a tumblr blog with more details: http://shareyourbarcelona.tumblr.com/

    Otherwise, I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the project,

    Thank you,


    • Hi Olga

      sadly no I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, although I have to admit I was so surprised to run into a naked guy in a city street that I would probably have just stood and stared anyway!

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