Smoked Duck Pasta and Purple Salad

If you are lucky enough to have a local farmer’s market you should be able to get a good quality smoked duck breast, if not you might find one on the deli counter at your local supermarket. Duck has quite a rich flavour so I usually find that one beast will do for two to three people.

But first the purple salad.

Purple Salad

Essentially this is shredded red cabbage, a grated carrot, about eight sliced cherry tomatoes and half a finely sliced red onion. Sling in some pine nuts for crunch and a sprinkling of sumak and some sesame seeds. Then make a dressing from the juice of a lime, and an equal quantity if sesame oil and soy sauce, Sling in a dash of Tabasco and you are away.

Smoked Duck Breast Pasta

For the Pasta. Remove the coating of fat from the duck breast, cut it finely and add it to hot pan with some olive oil.  Then fry off a sliced onion and a chopped leek with some garlic and a sliced chili (for heat if you want it) in the rendered duck fat. Add the finely sliced duck breast and some sliced mushrooms and give it a stir about. Chuck in some basil leaves and a grind of black pepper, let it fry for a bit, then chuck in a glass of white wine to deglaze the pan. Turn the heat down a bit, then add a teaspoonful of French mustard and  a pot of single cream.  Let it reduce down a bit, but not too much as you will want it to coat the pasta.

Once it’s done serve over a bed of pasta and grate some cheese over the top.

Feta and Herb Stuffed Peppers

Well the indoor herb garden took a bit of pasting tonight to make these.

Feta Stuffed Romero Pepper

What we have here is a bigger version of those baby peppers I wrote about a few weeks ago. The stuffing is a pack of supermarket feta cheese crumbled up and mixed with some crushed garlic, chopped Scotch bonnet chili pepper, olive oil (just enough to bind it all together) and  a teaspoon of Spanish pimenton. To this I added a generous amount of my window ledge grown and coarsely chopped fresh basil and chives.

I then sliced a Romero pepper right down the middle, filled both halves with the mixture and slammed them in the oven for about twenty minutes. Then served them up with a pea greens, tomato and beetroot salad.


Three Colour Salad

The supermarket had some mango and avocado in the reduced to clear, so I thought I knock up my three colour salad.

Three Colour Salad

Into the bowl go two chopped chilis. Peel and de-stone the mango and avocado, cut them into chunks and in they go. Drain a packet of cooked beetroot, roughly chunk and chuck in. Take a small lump of ginger, grate it over the top and then add a small handful of pine nuts.

For the dressing: juice a lime, add a glug of balsamatic vinegar and some olive oil. Add a few drops of Tabasco Sauce to give it a bit of pep. Give it a stir, pour in and fold the dressing through the salad.

Here’s a tip: to neatly cut up the mango score around the stone and then use a table spoon to free the meat from the stone on either side. Once you have the stone out score a couple of lines through the fruit and turn it inside out. You can then easily free the chunks.

Beetroot and Feta Salad

This was inspired by something I saw Jamie make during the week, but our fridge isn’t quite as well stocked as his, so I made do with what we had.

First chop one chili and bung it in the bowl, then add a finely chopped red onion, about half a pack of chopped coriander stalks and all and four roughly chopped cooked beetroots (you know the ones you get from the supermarkets, only drain them first). Then cube a pack of Feta Cheese and chuck it in. grind some black pepper over the top.

The dressing is a glug of olive oil, juice of a lemon. dash of balsamic vinegar and teaspoon of horseradish sauce. Mix it up and pour it over the salad, give it a mix and eat.