Salient Minus Ten – New Poster Reveal

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salient-minus-ten-poster-web-m Poster design by Emma Dark

With Alan Austen (Letters from a Bomber Pilot, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back) replacing Dean Sills as Adam Harper, the lead character in Emma Dark’s new Sci-Fi Horror Salient Minus Ten this new promo poster (designed by the multi-talented Emma) has just been revealed.

A further development is the addition of internationally renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom, who joined Salient Minus Ten as Director of Photography at the time of the recasting. Philip’s credits include working cinematography on Lucasfilm’s World War II drama Red Tails, in addition to projects for the BBC, ITV, C4, Sky, CNN, CBS, Discovery, FOX , NBC and many independent production companies. Philip is well-known globally for his advocacy of DSLR technology to create cinematic looking imagery, sparking the imagination of numerous independent filmmakers.

Salient Minus Ten wrapped principal photography in late November 2016…

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Angels of Music by Kim Newman

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From the mid 1800s Erik the Phantom sends a succession of female agents on daring missions against the cream of the Parisian and international criminal underworlds. Known as the Angels of Music these agents work in gangs of three to investigate a series of crimes from a plot to marry off the social elite to mind controlling automata to an attempt to set Europe at war.

angels-1 Cover design by Amazing15

Yes its Charlie’s Angels with Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera as Charlie and as you would expect from the magpie mind of Mr Newman our Angels are drawn from a variety of literary and cinematic sources including Conan Doyle’s the Woman, Irene Adler from A Scandal in Bohemia, George du Maurier’s Trilby and  F Marion Crawford’s  Unorna from The Witch of Prague. So too are the many and various villains and a whole host of incidental…

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Counter Clockwise (2016)

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Time Travel, yeah it looks like fun on Dr Who, but as geeky scientist Ethan (Michael Kopelow) discovers in Counter Clockwise it is an almighty pain in the arse when all is said and done.

counter future or past ouch coming up?

Ethan wasn’t even trying to invent a time machine when his matter transference experiment goes wrong. No Cronenberg style mess when the one-eyed pooch gets zapped from transference machine A, no nothing arrives in machine B for hours, then doggie is back with even the single eye right in the socket where it should be. So naturally Ethan has to give it a go, only to find himself six months ahead in the future with his lab locked up and his mum in a coma. As if that’s not bad enough he is also wanted for the murder of his wife and sister.

Hooking up with former assistant…

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Friday Morning Creature Features – The Renown Pictures Monster Collection

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I love late 50s early 60s British sci-fi, especially if it has some kind of monster in it and The Renown Pictures Monster Collection contains four Brit movies from that monochrome era (except for Gorgo which is in colour) plus four similar vintage flicks from the good old US of A and a not so vintage bit of 70s filler on three DVDs and all for about £22.


Let’s start with the good stuff: Womaneater (1958) stars Hollywood veteran George Coulouris as Dr James Moran, a scientist and explorer who has returned from the Amazon with a tree from which he is harvesting a serum to reanimate the dead, the drawback is that the tree needs regular feeding and not with Baby Bio. Starlet Vera Day is the eye candy who having been sacked from a fun fair beauty pageant, becomes his secretary, and then falls foul of Moran’s evil…

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Egomaniac (2016)

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In the Hothouse dungeon we are great fans of Brit filmmaker Kate Shenton, whose second feature-length horror flick, Egomaniac premiered at London’s Horror Channel FrightFest 2016 and is now out on the festival circuit.

Egomaniac-Poster_Artwork[1] (2)

Kate wrote and directed the darkly comedic story about filmmaker Catherine Sweeney (Nic Lamont) who wants to make a zomromcom. However nobody is interested in funding her film unless she puts s talking dog in it. The wickedly funny movie follows Catherine as compromise follows compromise to get the film made even at the cost of her own sanity.

ego As time goes on Catherine’s grip on reality loosens

I suspect there is a touch of autobiography in the finished film and having knocked about on the horror scene for a while I recognise some of the situations and people Catherine gets involved with. The indie film screening close to the film’s start where Kate’s short

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Remnants (2016)

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Detective Fenter (Hugh McCrae) thinks the case is going to be a dunker (over by breakfast) when Coroner Poe (Tonya Adamski) calls them in, but some dead weird shit is going on down at the Kenner house.

remnants Poster

Remnants is directed by David Ugarte, award-winning director of grindhouse short Hell of a Deal, The Crate and Fifty Two. Written by Eric Joel LaFuente and Corey Schubert we think it’s a well paced little shocker worthy of a 555/666, but why not decide for yourself here.



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Creepy (2016)

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Earlier this year we were deeply impressed by director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s touching ghostly love story Journey to the Shore,  Kurosawa’s latest release Creepy,  is a very different film indeed.

27644675384_42d5b56bc5_o Former cop Takakura just can’t help himself when he hears about the missing Hondas

Following a suspect’s attempt on his life former cop Takakura (Hideroshi Nishijawa) is making a new start in a new neighbourhood as a lecturer in criminal psychology. However despite his desire to forge a new life away from the force, Takakura can’t resist the temptation of an unsolved missing persons case and tracks down the cop who originally investigated case, Nogami (Masahiro Higashida). Three of the Honda family vanished, the only survivor being the daughter Saki (Haruna Kawaguchi) who was away on a school trip at the time. Nogami arranges for Takakura to interview the now grown up Saki.

27644598803_3396c1d3c3_o Yasuko Takakura just can’t hide her…

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