Poncho No. 8 Soho

Mexican food really is the flavour of this month, what with Tommi Miers’s new show Mexican Food Made Simple, the Wahaca Street Kitchen being parked up at Canary Wharf and now a new branch of Poncho No. 8 in Soho’s Old Comption Street. Shipscooksstuff was lucky enough to get an invite to Soho Poncho’s opening […]

Mexican Food Made Simple

Those lovely people at Wahaca, my favourite Mexican restaurant invited me to a preview of Founder Tommi Miers’s new Mexican cookery show this evening. The show called Mexican Food Made Simple starts on Channel 5 tomorrow (that’s Tuesday 5 July) at 7.30 pm. In the show Tommi visits a mescal distiller, cooks a neat chile, […]

Homemade Guacamole

We went to Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca last night. To start we had guacamole and their amazing puffed up pork scratchings. Sadly I have no idea how to make the puffed up piggy bits, but homemade guacamole is really easy. The first thing you need are two avocados. Stone and peel them then cut […]