Cypriot Cats

We spent the last week in Cyprus. It was the first time that we had visited the island for about five or six years, after being fairly regular visitors when our daughter was younger and we wondered just how much it would have changed in the years following entry into the EU and joining the Euro.

More about how we arranged the trip and what we did later but for now here are some of the more privileged residents of our favourite hotel in Paphos.


This is Arthur, photographed from our bedroom window. It’s not his real name I just thought he looked like the cat from the old Katomeat advert, he liked the sun umbrella outside our apartment, but soon got fed up when we didn’t allow him in, so he went next door.


This lady joined us for breakfast, as you can see she’s no stranger to the breakfast table. She is also reputably the oldest of the cats at the Nereus Hotel having lived there for 19 years.


This fellow was christened Kingcat because of his regal manner. He is quite a ladies man as you can see from the picture below.

kitty Kingcat

This little fellow was born in the barbecue about five weeks ago, here he is with his mum and siblings, lucky it wasn’t going to be used.

Kingcat's wife and kitties

I think this must be one of mum’s sisters here with Blackjack enjoying the midday sunshine on the hotel steps.

Sister and Blackjack