Sand Sparrows – Coral Bay Cyprus

Last week we were in Cyprus, very different to the sub-zero temperatures experienced in Tallinn just a few weeks before, but I still found some of these little chaps down at Coral Bay

Sparrows in the sand

Coral Bay is just a €1 bus ride from Paphos and was one of the best sandy beaches on the island until last winter’s violent storms washed much of the sand away.  Sunbeds are €2.50 a day and there is a cafeteria which will hopefully be open again sometime soon. There are also free to pee loos, which would be even better if someone could be bothered to change the lightbulbs in them!

The recession on top of hard winter has been unkind to the island, with a lot of familiar businesses, like the fish restaurant Chez Alex and the Othello Tavern, going to the wall since our last visit, but it was good to see that our favourite restaurant the Georgia Meze House and Chris the proprietor were still there, along with all of our friends at the Nereus Hotel.

Arthur our dedicated apartment moggy.

More on our Cypriot adventures later.