Scott Lyus Steps out of the Shadow

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Official Still 3 Sophie Tergeist is Lucette in Silently Within Your Shadow

There’s something pretty creepy about a ventriloquist’s dummy, and little Hugo (voiced by horror legend Bill Moseley) has to be one of the most malevolent ones we have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with. Hugo’s unusual relationship with his owner Lucette  (Sophie Tergeist) and her boyfriend Jace (Byron Fernandes) is the subject of Silently Within Your Shadow, the third professional short by director Scott Lyus and is definitely one to check out on the horror circuit right now (2016).

We caught up with Scott between shows and asked him how he got into filmmaking:

‘I first got into filmmaking, or the idea of filmmaking, when I saw Jurassic Park. At the time I had no idea of what a director, producer or any other role really consisted of, but I knew I wanted to create these amazing images and…

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Talking Bad Acid and Adonis and Aphrodite with David Chaudoir

The Horror Hothouse

The Hothouse got to see two of Filmmaker David Chaudoir’s short films, Bad Acid and Adonis and Aphrodite at the London Horror Society’s film evening over the weekend and very entertaining they were too. We got chatting to David and asked him how he got started making movies

badacid4.png Tristan Beint is stage hypnotist Marvin Maskelyn in Bad Acid

‘I started when I was a child shooting Super 8 shorts.  I always wanted to make films.  For twenty five years I’ve worked in media, doing motion design for TV channels, music videos, advertising and corporate work.  So I’ve done graphics for television shows like Moving Pictures (BBC 2), designed TV channels like ITV 2, made promos for bands like Athlete, Starsailor and Ladytron.  I was head of design at Fox TV and National Geographic and created promos for The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  So after twenty five years…

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The Monster Chronicles Tiktik AKA Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles (2012)

The Horror Hothouse

When Makoy (Dindong Dantes) leaves Manila to follow Sonia (Lovi Poe), his pregnant girlfriend back to her village, little did he expect the hostility with which he was greeted. After getting a good walloping with a saucepan from Ma, Makoy attempts to curry favour with Sonia’s dad Nestor (Joey Marquez) by offering to buy a pig  for Sonia’s birthday party.

tiktik2.jpg Dingdong Dantes is Makoy

Mind you Makoy does not want to pay too much for the porker so on the recommendation of Sonia’s cousin Bart, he and Nestor head for an isolated village where Bart says they can get a bargain. Yep bad idea, because the village belongs to a tribe of aswangs (Filipino shapeshifters) and they like nothing more than the taste of new-born human baby.

So Makoy gets his piggy home and ties it up in the kitchen, only of course it’s not a pig and after a…

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Viscious (2015)

The Horror Hothouse

Every now and again a movie grabs you right by the throat and Oliver Park’s short home invasion flick Vicious has just done that. In a spoiler free nutshell Lydia comes home to find her front door unlocked, a quick examination of the house makes her think the house is safe and then she turns out the light.

viscious Rachel Hunter is Lydia

Over the films twelve and half-minute run time an effective back story is set up and a truly menacing sense of unease and suspense built up through effective lighting, camera angle and sound editing combined with  Matthew Walker’s music score which genuinely raised my hackles. And all of this before the jump scares kick in!

But don’t just take my woerk for it – turn off the light and enjoy.

Vicious has so far won eight prestigious film awards and has been nominated for a further seven.  I…

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Among the Living (Aux Yeux Des Vivants) 2014

The Horror Hothouse

Let’s face it skipping school on the last day of term is rarely a smart thing to do in a horror movie, but Victor (Theo Fernandez) and his pals Tom and Dan aren’t content with just playing a bit of hookey. Oh no they set light to barn and then go exploring the derelict Blackwoods Film studio lot. Future isn’t looking too promising lads is it?

AmongtheLivingFeat Oh whatever it is its a a bad idea kids

As luck would have it they aren’t the only folks there, because traumatised ex-soldier Isaac (Francis Renaud) and his son Klarence (Fabien Jegadez) are holed up in the studio basement along with Klarence’s pickled fetus of a brother and their latest bound kidnap victim. Worse than that, when Isaac was in the army he was subjected to experimental nerve gasses which resulted in baby Klarence being just a bit big, scary and psychopathicly violent…

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Sons of Bitches (2016)

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Vampire flick Chimeres was one of the Hothouse’s favourite movie releases of 2014. Now Chimeres producer Olivier Beguin is filming the revenge Horror Western Sons of Bitches in, of all places Neuchatel, Switzerland, does that make it a Fondue Western?

LobbyCard1_web Sons of Bitches tells the story of Sally (Sandra Zellweger), who prostitutes herself for pioneers and trappers in a small Wisconsin town. In fear for her baby’s life and unable to bear the violence and abuse for one more day, she runs away to face the cold and snow of the mountains, but reckons without the Hunter.

LobbyCard2_web Raphael Tschudi is the Hunter

From the stills Olivier has sent us Sons of Bitches looks pretty authentically Western to us and we like Westerns with a touch of the Gothic here at Horror Hothouse. The film is directed by Arnaud Baur with a screenplay by Colin Vettier from a story by Arnaud…

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