Lemmy 1945-2015

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Hell Lemmy Kilmister is dead. We all thought he was immortal despite or maybe because of his legendary booze and pharmacological intake, but he was so much more than a metal musician.

Lemmy taught Sid to play bass photo by kind permission of the amazing Kerstin Rodgers Lemmy taught Sid to play bass. Photo by kind permission of the amazing and wonderful Kerstin Rodgers

I think I first saw Motorhead back in 1976 supporting the Edgar Broughton Band at Camden Town’s Roundhouse theatre and if I wasn’t already in love with rock’n’roll, I was that night confirmed. I had the very great pleasure of interviewing the guy for a music fanzine in 1977, joining him for a breakfast of Special Brew at around 3pm on a Sunday afternoon. I’d met a few musicians by then, but Lemmy stood out amongst the pack. He was a thinker with radical anarchist views and a deep-rooted mistrust of people in authority . He was also very funny, charming…

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Clean Break (2015)

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So Cam (Samy Osman), Dan (Serge Plourde) and Scott (Sean Kaufmann) are sharing a house. Cam is an obnoxious twat who likes to shag women and then abandon them, Dan is a bit of a handy man with the decorating and Scott has just lost his job in a fried chicken restaurant. Hoping to cheer Scott up Cam takes him to a party at his office where Scott hooks up with Tracy (Tianna Nori).


Before long Tracy has moved in and starts winding up Cam when she leaves her stuff in the bathroom, Cam calls a house meeting and reads Tracy the new house rules. Big mistake, since it inspires Tracy to start working on getting rid of Scott’s housemates, She starts off fairly vicious but low-key by puncturing Cam’s condom stash, but works her way up to a more permanent and gruesome solution in Canadian director Tricia Lee’s tale…

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A Cold Silence – Alison Littlewood

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In Alison Littlewood’s first novel A Cold Season we were introduced to Cass and her son Ben. When her soldier husband was reported as missing in action, presumed dead, Cass took Ben to live in the isolated village of Darnshaw, where her estranged father was once the local priest.


At first, despite some of the local folk being a bit odd towards the newcomers, things seemed fine, but then they get snowed in and cut off from the outside world. Ben started at the local school where Cass found herself attracted to Theodore Remick, the stand in headmaster, but then Ben fell in with the local creepy kids and started behaving strangely. To make matters worse the phone lines went down and Darnshaw just happened to be in a mobile phone black spot. Oh yes and then there were the 30-year-old unsolved murders, the unbearable scratching in walls of her…

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The Falling (2015)

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It’s 1969 and Abbie Mortimer (Florence Pugh) and Lydia Lamont (Maisie Williams) are best friends at a rural English girls’ school. Such best pals that they carve their names together in the ancient oak that overhangs a magical pond and vow never to lose touch. Then Abbie goes and ruins it all by getting pregnant. As if that wasn’t bad enough Abbie’s morning sickness escalates into a fatal bout of fainting and fitting.


Distressed Lydia finds some solace in her occult obsessed older brother Kenneth (Joe Cole), but then she too starts fainting and twitching. Before long all her pals arte doing it as well and then Miss Charron (Morfydd Clark) her art teacher keels over. As Lydia confronts the authority figures around her in an effort to discover the truth, old secrets emerge and Lydia finds herself facing up to a truth she certainly didn’t see coming.

Based partially…

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown – !976 and 2014

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In 1946 this man killed five people… today he still lurks the streets.

So you wait for one The Town that Dreaded Sundown to turn up and two arrive at once, as hot on the coat tails of the latest version comes the original 1976 story of the Moonlight Murders.

Dawn Wells dials 911 Dawn Wells dials 911

So let’s take the original 1976 version first, which is reissued in the UK as a dual format (Blu-ray and DVD) edition on 24 August. Based upon a true story, Its 1946 and the city of Texarkana on the Texas-Arkansas border is getting back to normality after the deprivations of World War Two. A pair of young lovers drive out to the local lover’s lane, where instead of getting to fool around with each other they get savagely beaten by a sack-masked nutjob.. Three weeks later another couple are found in similar circumstances only this time…

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Soldiers of the Damned Competition – 5 DVDs must be won

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soldiers of the damned

Romania 1944 and the German Wehrmacht is in full retreat from the Red Army. Battle weary commander Major Kurt Fleischer (Gil Darnell) is called into HQ to take a briefing for a top-secret mission. Under the direct orders of Heinrich Himmler he is to escort an archeologist from the SS Ahnenerbe behind enemy lines to search for an ancient occult artefact that Himmler believes will help the Nazis win the war. The matter is complicated by the fact that the Ahnenerbe scientist Professor Kappel (Miriam Cooke) is both female and an old girlfriend of Fleischer’s. Worse than that Fleischer’s crack squad is to be accompanied by SS Major Metzger (Lucas Hansen), Fleischer’s’ men hate the SS and Fleischer has a bit of previous with Hansen.

Professor Anna Kappel (Miriam Cooke) at the German HQ (©SOTD Ltd) Professor Anna Kappel (Miriam Cooke) at the German HQ (©SOTD Ltd)

Crossing behind enemy lines things start to get creepy when the soldiers catch mysterious…

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Marshland (2015)

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MarshlandApprovedArtworklow(1)In 1980 as Spain is in transition from decades of totalitarian fascist rule to a new democracy two disgraced cops are despatched to the backwaters of Andalusia’s Guadalquivir Marshes to investigate the disappearance of two teenage sisters to get them out of the way.  idealist Pedro (Raul Arevalo) had the temerity to criticise the military and the older partner Juan (Javier Gutierrez) has a very dark past in General Franco’s secret police. The missing girls are sixteen year old Estrella and 15-year-old Carmen who were last seen getting into an unknown car.

This sure ain't Miami Vice This sure ain’t Miami Vice

When the bodies of the girls turn up in a ditch the detectives discover they are not the first youngsters to vanish and find themselves chasing down a serial killer long protected by a corrupt, but fading political elite. their only clue a partially burnt film negative.

Pedro and Juan share an uneasy working relationship Pedro and Juan share an uneasy…

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