Angel Manor: Lucifer Falls Book 1 by Chantal Noorde loos -Book Review

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When Freya inherits Angel Manor,a big old house in Scotland, she gets together with her university pals Oliver and Bam and they decide it would make a great hotel. The place is a bit of a tip so they hire hunky Logan and his group of last chance delinquent lads to tart the place up.

Only the house has other ideas, you see it was at one time the site of a a convent inhabited by a very odd order of nuns. Far from being brides of Christ these sisters got up to some pretty nasty stuff, until one brave sister burnt the place to the ground. As if that wasn’t bad enough the house is also the guardian of a sleeping evil that chains the souls of those who live in it and not even death will can free you from that predicament.

So full of enthusiasm they start…

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Indie Buzz – Sky Sharks

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One of the great pleasures of Horror movies is the sheer diversity of the stuff tat is out there. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, some of it so bad it becomes good and then there is the stuff that is just batshit crazy.

So put a Nazi zombie on a flying shark and you get………..

Sky Sharks is a work in progress from director and  trash cinema fan Marc Fehse, if you feel like donating a few Euros to make it happen visit the Kickstarter page here .

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Bad Bones by Graham Marks -Book Review and exclusive content

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Bad Bones is the latest Young Adult chiller from Red Eye and I’m pleased to say it maintains the high standard of story telling and writing set by the likes of Frozen Charlotte  and Flesh and Blood. this time we find ourselves in modern-day Los Angeles where high school student Gabe is down on his luck. Gabe’s dad is out of w0rk, money is tight and low life drug dealer Benny wants Gabe as a runner.

So Gabe can’t believe his luck when he discovers a cache of ancient golden artefacts buried in the hills around the city. However everything comes at a price and soon Gabe finds himself being stalked by the artefacts original owner Rafael, a rogue Spanish priest who in the 1500s threw himself into a native American cult of human sacrifice before being stopped and killed by the Inquisition. Now Rafael is back and…

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The Sleeping Room (2014)

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Blue discovers the two-way mirror Blue discovers the two-way mirror

When teenage prostitute Blue (Leila Mimmack) goes to meet new client Bill (Joseph Beattie) she doesn’t get what she expects. You see the Brighton flat that Bill is restoring was a notorious Victorian brothel. What’s more Bill has a mutoscope that contains images taken by the brothel owner and Blue discovers a secret ‘Sleeping Room’ behind a two-way mirror.


A second visit to Bill reveals more about the brothel’s past and how it is linked to Blue’s murky family history and the death of her mother. As Blue becomes obsessed with uncovering her family secrets, they come back to haunt her big time, as a monstrous supernatural force is unleashed in the house, baying for revenge. As if that isn’t bad enough her psycho pimp Freddie (David Sibley) is a bit upset with her for breaking the two visits per client rule, it’s not going…

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Picture Shows: Siri Neal as Araminta Minty Cane , Helena Avellano as Sarah, and Tony Sands as Tom. Siri Neal as Araminta Minty Cane , Helena Avellano as Sarah, and Tony Sands as Tom.

Back in the 1980s the BBC’s Children’s Drama Unit produced a lot of critically acclaimed spooky shows for kids like Ghost in the Water (1982), The Children of Green Knowe (1986) and The Watch House (1986). Since those were the days before catch up telly and I was chained to a desk throughout most of that decade I missed out on these and shows like Moondial (1988) which has now been reissued on DVD in its original six part format for the first time since its second run of repeats back in 1990.

Our hero in Moondial is 13 year old Minty, short for Araminta (Siri Neal) who goes to stay with her Aunt Mary (Valerie Lush) for a holiday after her dad dies. Unfortunately after she drops Minty off at Aunt Mary’s house…

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What’s Left of Us (2015)

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The zombie apocalypse hits Argentina and the only people left alive are Axel (Lautaro Delgado), Jonathan (William Prociuk) and Ana (Victoria Almeida). Holed up in their fortified house they have a lot of time on their hands when they aren’t out foraging for food or shooting zombies in the post apocalyptic wastelands.

To pass the time there is the therapy room where they record their private feelings on videotape, kind of like a Big Brother House of the Dead , ana like making up names for zombie kills and writing them on the wall, Axel is into being tattooed, although running out of uninked skin, not to mention spying on Ana when she is naked, while Jonathan and Ana indulge in a bit of mindless fucking. Then in a game of Truth or Dare Jonathan dares Axel to look into the eyes of a zombie so the boys set out…

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Penny Dreadful – The Art and Making of by John Logan and Sharon Gosling

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For anyone who has enjoyed watching Showtime’s Penny Dreadful John Logan and Sharon Gosling’s The Art and Making of Penny Dreadful is an essential purchase.

Inside the book looks at how the show was conceived; contains background on the individual characters, their stories and how the cast brought them to life; how Victorian London was recreated in the studio, on location in Dublin and on green screen and how the conceptual artists, make-up and prosthetic artists and special effects wizards created the range of strange creatures that Vanessa Ives and her companions encounter.

Concept artwork for the vampire by Howard Swindell Concept artwork for the vampire by Howard Swindell

Other sections dissect the science, history and sociology underpinning the show, together with the work of the location managers, costume designers, set builders and dressers who created this incredibly atmospheric mash-up of the Victorian Gothic.

Frankenstein's battery, What's the charge? £19.99 (see what I did there) Frankenstein’s chemical battery, What’s the charge? £19.99 (see what I…

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