Closer to God (2015)

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xudXPZWhen Dr Victor Reid (Jeremy Childs) creates the first cloned human baby he also creates a whole bunch of trouble. The authorities naturally want to examine baby Elizabeth, the media are thrown into a feeding frenzy and of course all the religious crazies crawl out of the woodwork determined to see Reid condemned to Hell for subverting God’s will.

When the state authorities go to the courts to get access to the baby Reid moves the child to his palatial out-of-state home, however this is where we discover that Reid’s PR people have not exactly been completely honest. Locked up in the servant’s quarters is Ethan the result of a previous attempt at cloning. And Ethan’s not a happy well-balanced boy at all.

So with the house under siege from religious nutters Ethan breaks loose. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Essentially this is a modern-day Frankenstein and presents a…

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Bite: Pavane for a Vampire Queen – Interview with Filmmaker Kevin Jackson

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The third of our films from May’s Vampiir Bitez evening is Bite: Pavane for a Vampire Queen. Kevin Jackson’s short invites us to a vampire dinner party,.all very civilised to begin with, but just wait to the main course arrives

bite_dinner party

Well that’s what a quick once-over of Jackson’s sumptuously photographed film might tell you, but there is far more to it than that as Kevin explained to the Hothouse:.

‘This will probably sound too good to be true, but I swear it is: the basic idea for Pavane – full title: Bite: Pavane for a Vampire Queen – came to me in a dream. The detail that might make this just a little more plausible is that I had been musing for a couple of weeks about what to shoot, and my unconscious duly obliged me with an answer. For me, one of the most potent aspect of the vampire…

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Alison Littlewood’s Seasons of Mist – the author speaks

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Grab it while you can Flowers, those nice people at Jo Fletcher Books have collected three great books by Hothouse favourite author Alison Littlewood into one fantastic eBook omnibus, Seasons of Mistand for the rest of this month (June) it’s all yours for just under a fiver (UK) instead of the usual rertail price of £12.99. The three spooky reads are Path of Needles and The Unquiet House as well as the Richard & Judy bestseller A Cold Season, more chilling than a bucket of icy lager down on the beach! But don’t just take my word for it, Alison dropped into tyhe dungeon to tell us all about it:

Littlewood, Alison

‘The three novels included in Seasons of Mist had very different beginnings. As you’d expect from a horror novel, A Cold Season was born out of the things that scare me: the loss of loved ones, people we think…

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Just One More Bite – interview with filmmaker Nigel Osner

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Count Osnovski Count Osnovski

Way back in May the lovely Emma Dark invited the Hothouse to attend Vampiir Bitez, an evening of independent horror flicks at a pub in Euston. We were really impressed by what we saw, sop we decide to find out a bit more about some of the contributors. First up is Nigel Osner creator of the vampire musical Just One More Bite. I asked Nigel to tell us  a bit about himself and how the film came about.
‘I qualified as a barrister and then went to work for what is now the Ministry of Justice. However, I have always had a creative life. I used to paint, though no longer do. I wrote a children’s story which was published by Heinemann and then helped turn it into a children’s musical called Goblins don’t scare us. This was put in on London in 2002/3. I love…

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Bottled Abyss by Benjamin Kane Ethridge – Book Review

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cover art by cover art by

Herman and Jane Erikson have lost their daughter in a hit a run,  Immersed in grief Jane is slowly killing herself with booze so when Lester their Border Collie goes missing in the LA Badlands, going out to search for the dog is a welcome distraction for Herman. However when Herman finds the pooch it has been savaged by a pack of coyotes and is close to death, But all is not as grim as it may seem for the mysterious Mr Charleston appears and he has a bottle containing a restorative liquid which soon puts a wag back into Lester’s tail.

Now this is where it gets tricky for Herman because Charleston is no other than Charon the ferryman who transports the souls of the dead across the River Styx to Hades and the restorative use of the elixir invariably involves a fatal trade-off. However…

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Angel Manor: Lucifer Falls Book 1 by Chantal Noorde loos -Book Review

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When Freya inherits Angel Manor,a big old house in Scotland, she gets together with her university pals Oliver and Bam and they decide it would make a great hotel. The place is a bit of a tip so they hire hunky Logan and his group of last chance delinquent lads to tart the place up.

Only the house has other ideas, you see it was at one time the site of a a convent inhabited by a very odd order of nuns. Far from being brides of Christ these sisters got up to some pretty nasty stuff, until one brave sister burnt the place to the ground. As if that wasn’t bad enough the house is also the guardian of a sleeping evil that chains the souls of those who live in it and not even death will can free you from that predicament.

So full of enthusiasm they start…

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Indie Buzz – Sky Sharks

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One of the great pleasures of Horror movies is the sheer diversity of the stuff tat is out there. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, some of it so bad it becomes good and then there is the stuff that is just batshit crazy.

So put a Nazi zombie on a flying shark and you get………..

Sky Sharks is a work in progress from director and  trash cinema fan Marc Fehse, if you feel like donating a few Euros to make it happen visit the Kickstarter page here .

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