Echoes of the Passed – A new film from Scott Lyus – crowdfunding now

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The Hothouse is a big fan of Scott Lyus, the director of ventriloquist doll shocker Silently Within Your Shadow. so when we heard that he had a new scary project on the way we had to track him down to his secret lair and make him talk.


So Scott whats the new movie all about?

‘Echoes of the Passed is the story of four individuals preparing to investigate a famous haunted house. While most horror films would tell their story during the investigation, our story is told before as we explore their motivations for being there and dig into their history, as well as the dark history that surrounds the house.

‘We have an amazing cast and crew involved with this picture. We have most of the crew from Silently Within Your Shadow returning, including Sharad Patel returning as DOP and Ed Harris returning to provide us with another…

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Even Lambs Have Teeth – DVD Competition

The Horror Hothouse

lambs Katie (Tiera Skovbye) and Slaone (Kisten Prout) have had a bad day

Dreaming of a shopping trip to New York City Katie and Sloane take off to the countryside to earn a few dollars working on an organic farm. Only they accept a lift from two hunks driving a blue pick-up truck. Will these kids never learn about people out in backwoods America who drive pick-ups?

Naturally they are drugged with a portion of Mom’s apple pie and, stripped, chained up and being raped and abused by all the local psychos that inhabit small town America. When Katie’s FBI agent uncle comes looking for them, head psycho Boris Carlson (Patrick Gilmore) decides to kill them, but makes the mistake of leaving the girls in the care of his cigarette smoking side-kick (Graem Beddoes) while he goes out looking for some new meat.

Well we all know smoking is bad for…

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Sophie Tergeist- Silently Within Your Shadow’s Puppet Master has the Last Word

The Horror Hothouse

One of the best shorts the Hothouse has seen so far this year (and there have been some real corkers) is  ventriloquist doll shocker Silently Within Your Shadowby Scott Lyus. Taking the lead as Lucette, the malevolent Hugo’s puppet master is the very talented Sophie Tergeist and we were delighted whan she agreed to have a chat with us about her work.

Official Still 4 Sophie Tergeist in Silently Within Your Shadow

Obviously the first thing we wanted to know was what made Sophie want to become an actor and how did she break into the profession: ‘My first encounter with acting was in Paris, France, where I am originally from (my English accent is American because my mother is from the US). About seven years ago, a friend took me to her comedy class, and I just fell in love with being part of a theatre group and performing. I…

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Scott Lyus Steps out of the Shadow

The Horror Hothouse

Official Still 3 Sophie Tergeist is Lucette in Silently Within Your Shadow

There’s something pretty creepy about a ventriloquist’s dummy, and little Hugo (voiced by horror legend Bill Moseley) has to be one of the most malevolent ones we have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with. Hugo’s unusual relationship with his owner Lucette  (Sophie Tergeist) and her boyfriend Jace (Byron Fernandes) is the subject of Silently Within Your Shadow, the third professional short by director Scott Lyus and is definitely one to check out on the horror circuit right now (2016).

We caught up with Scott between shows and asked him how he got into filmmaking:

‘I first got into filmmaking, or the idea of filmmaking, when I saw Jurassic Park. At the time I had no idea of what a director, producer or any other role really consisted of, but I knew I wanted to create these amazing images and…

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Talking Bad Acid and Adonis and Aphrodite with David Chaudoir

The Horror Hothouse

The Hothouse got to see two of Filmmaker David Chaudoir’s short films, Bad Acid and Adonis and Aphrodite at the London Horror Society’s film evening over the weekend and very entertaining they were too. We got chatting to David and asked him how he got started making movies

badacid4.png Tristan Beint is stage hypnotist Marvin Maskelyn in Bad Acid

‘I started when I was a child shooting Super 8 shorts.  I always wanted to make films.  For twenty five years I’ve worked in media, doing motion design for TV channels, music videos, advertising and corporate work.  So I’ve done graphics for television shows like Moving Pictures (BBC 2), designed TV channels like ITV 2, made promos for bands like Athlete, Starsailor and Ladytron.  I was head of design at Fox TV and National Geographic and created promos for The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  So after twenty five years…

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