The Samurai

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peccadill0_TheSamurai_3Jakob Walski (Michel Diercks) is a cop in a dead-end small town close to Germany’s border with Poland. A bit naive, but basically a good guy, Jakob has trouble keeping order with the gangs of local youths not much younger than himself. He also leaves bags of meat scavenged from the butcher’s shop out in the woods to keep a wolf from invading the town.

Then a mystery package turns up at Jakob’s police station addressed to the Lone Wolfe. That evening Jakob receives a call from the mysterious Lone Wolfe asking him to deliver the package to an abandoned house. When Jakob arrives he hands the package over to a wild-eyed man (Pit Bukowski) in a wedding dress, who opens it up. Oh dear it’s a Samurai sword, something tells me it won’t be a good night on Jakob’s beat tonight.

As the Samurai rips through Jakob’s little town…

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Butterfly Skin by Sergey Kuznetsov – Review

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butterflyskin.jpg.size-230A serial killer is stalking the streets of Moscow. The victims are all female and tortured to death in the most gruesome fashion. Ksenia is the ambitious young editor of online Moscow newspaper Evening,ru. She’s determined to make a name for herself and decides to track down and trap the killer by creating a website dedicated to his work. Problem is that as Ksenia gets closer to the killer she realises that her fascination with his savage crimes reflects her own dark sexuality and desires.

Sunset Red Square Sunset Red Square

Butterfly Skin has been described as Russia’s answer to Silence of the Lambs and the unnamed killer is certainly at least on a parr with Dr Lecter with regard to the gruesome cruelty of his modus operandi. Ksenia though is a much more interesting and complex character, perhaps closer to Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander…

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Indie Buzz – Seize the Night Trailer

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Seize-the-Night-PosterThe Hothouse is getting pretty hot under the collar about forthcoming Brit Horror short Seize the Night. It’s a vampire thriller in the mould of Underworld or Blade and stars Hothouse pal Emma Dark (formerly known as Darke Morte) as vampire assassin Eva.

Emma told us ‘The story follows EVA, a renegade vampire assassin, on her action filled journey to the truth. The film opens shortly after she has escaped from a secret government compound, a center for the most nefarious biological experiments. Following her escape Eva is confronted by her life long enemy and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to deal with the devil she knows best in order to fight a far greater evil.”

Emma Darl as Eva Emma Dark as Eva

Emma is more that just the leading actor she is also producing, co-writing, co-directing (with Donato Cinicolo) and editing the picture which will be…

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Indie Buzz – The Retreat Trailer

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retreatstill4Set on a remote Scottish island in the middle of the North Sea The Retreat is a horror feature inspired by the events which took place in the summer of 1816 at Villa Diodati, Lake Geneva. We caught up with writer/producer Louise James to find out a bit more about the film which is currently in pre-production.

‘A group of female horror writers try to emulate their heroine, Mary Shelley by staying through the winter at a lodge on an uninhabited remote island to write a horror story. Their only contact with the outside world is through the caretaker and his wife who live the other side of the island, and a local fisherman who lives on the mainland who delivers supplies to the island every week. Just like Lord Byron, Susan the leader of the group sets each writer a challenge, to develop their own classic horror story.


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Doc of The Dead

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Ever wondered why zombies are the go to monster for so many of today’s makers? In Doc of the Dead Alexandre Phillipe attempts to find the answer to the walking dead’s lasting appeal. tracing the development of the zombie flick from Robert Weine’s Cabinet of Dr Caligari to World War Z and The Walking Dead.

Nods are given two Lugosi classic White Zombie, Jaques Tourneur’s I Walked with a Zombie and a couple of 50s mind controlling alien SciFi potboilers, but the doc gets to the real meat when it traces zombiedom from George A Romero’s Living Dead films. There are contributions from the man himself, Simon Pegg, Tom Savini, Robert Kirkman, Bruce Campbell and Alex Cox along with clips from Romero’s movies and other milestone films and TV shows like Return of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.

The movie also takes a brief look at…

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Tower of Terror (1941)

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Not to be confused with the 1997 Disney TV flick based on the theme park ride, Tower of Terror is a 1941 genre crossing British film set on a German lighthouse in the North Sea.

Marie (Movita) and Kritan (Wilfred Lawson) Image sourced from Network Marie Durand (Movita) and lighthouse keeper Kristan (Wilfred Lawson) Image sourced from Network

When rum sodden, hook handed lighthouse keeper Wolfe Kristan (Wilfred Lawson) drags concentration camp escapee Marie Durand (Mexican-American actress Movita Castanada) out of the sea he is convinced that his dead wife Marta has returned from beyond the grave. Problem is Marie falls for dashing British spy Anthony Hale (Michael Rennie, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Night of the Demon), who is undercover as a stand in for Kristan’s assistant and waiting for the Royal Navy to pick him up. However with Hale’s cover blown will the Navy get the lighthouse before the Gestapo arrive or will the…

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Dark Circus – New Trailer

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Deep down at the Hothouse dungeon we are getting excited about Julia Ostertag’s urban fantasy Dark Circus. Julia has already told us a bit about the movie here and now she has sent us this rather fabulous new trailer

<p><a href=”″>Dark Circus Trailer</a> from <a href=”″>Julia Ostertag</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Dark Circus Trailer from Julia Ostertag on Vimeo.

Julia added ‘what you see here we shot with minimal budget and with the help of all participants,but to shoot the full feature I need your help. I decided to start this independent crowd funding campaign – that means every donation goes directly to the project and you can donate even without paypal or credit card if you wish so. But you still get amazing rewards – for example . if you give 5-10€ you can download two of my existing movies, for 15€ you get the exclusive soundtrack…

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