The Ex – Director Martin Stocks gets us Ex-cited

The Horror Hothouse

One of our favourite shorts from last year was The Clown Attacks from director Martin Stocks. Martin has a new horror comedy short called The Ex which will be making its debut on the festival circuit very soon and the trailer has gone live on You Tube today (28 April 2017)

The Ex Teaser Image

More on the new film later but first we wanted to get to know a bit about Martin and what made him interested in making his own movies:

‘I’d always been really into films, but studying screenwriting at University was when I really started to develop my own creative ideas. Through years of writing and re-writing various screenplays, I gradually developed my voice as a writer – and the range of projects I was working on. After several feature scripts struggled to get off the ground, I started to realise that the quickest way to get your stuff made…

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