Shipscook’s Homemade Pizza

Not bad for a first attempt

Believe it or not I had never done the full Monty with a homemade pizza, sure I had made the topping for a shop bought base before, but this was something new.

So first the base. Having seen Jamie Oliver do it this way, I emptied 500grams of strong flour onto a board, created a well in the middle and gradually spooned in about 325mls of warm water with 10 grams of yeast dissolved into it, mixing as I went.

Right don’t do this at home it creates an awful bloody mess, and I don’t have a bunch of people to clear up after me like Jamie does. Do it in a big bowl and don’t forget to add some salt to the dough.  Eventually I had a lump of dough, which I covered with a wet cloth and left to prove for however long it took to make the pizza sauce. Apparently this should be about ten minutes. but who’s counting?

So the sauce. Olive oil in pan plus a chopped red onion, chopped home grown chilli, four cloves smashed garlic, a slug of Worcester Sauce, grind of black pepper and what was left of a Sainsbury’s basic pack of tomatoes chopped up small after I had taken some slices of one of the big tomatoes for the topping. I fried this down till everything was nice and soft, then chucked in a can of chopped tomatoes and reduced the liquid by about a third.

Once this was ready I took my dough and gave it a good kneading, before squashing it down into my floured grill tray. Then I spread the topping over it followed by a liberal scattering of home grown basil leaves, some tomato slices, small chorizo slices, grated Cheddar, sliced Parmesan and some ripped up buffalo Mozarella.  It then went into a hot oven for about 12 minutes.

Anyway out it came and it looked great, the base stuck a bit to the pan, probably because I had squashed it down a bit too hard (lesson for the future), but it tasted brilliant. Is it the end for shop bought bases? Well in the words of Gordon Ramsey “They can f@*k off out of my kitchen.”

Here’s a Mozzarella buffalo we saw on a farm near Salerno.

Mozzarella Bufffalo - Salerno

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