Old Holborn

We were up in the West End of Old London Town over the weekend. As we exited Chancery Road tube station I spotted this well-known building.

Staple Inn

Staple Inn

This is Staple Inn, which dates back to 1585. It used to be the Wool Staple, where wool brought into London was weighed and taxed, today it is home to the Institute of Actuaries, with some shops on the ground floor.

More people probably have a picture of this building about their house than of any other London landmark, though it won’t be in a photo album or hanging from the wall. No it will be on the lid of that quarter ounce Old Holborn tobacco tin in the kitchen drawer, the garage or the shed, you know the one that is full of old screws, fuses and nails. Even people who have never smoked will probably have one, well either that or a Golden Virginia tin!

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