Feta and Herb Stuffed Peppers

Well the indoor herb garden took a bit of pasting tonight to make these.

Feta Stuffed Romero Pepper

What we have here is a bigger version of those baby peppers I wrote about a few weeks ago. The stuffing is a pack of supermarket feta cheese crumbled up and mixed with some crushed garlic, chopped Scotch bonnet chili pepper, olive oil (just enough to bind it all together) and  a teaspoon of Spanish pimenton. To this I added a generous amount of my window ledge grown and coarsely chopped fresh basil and chives.

I then sliced a Romero pepper right down the middle, filled both halves with the mixture and slammed them in the oven for about twenty minutes. Then served them up with a pea greens, tomato and beetroot salad.


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