The Ravenglass Eye review

The Horror Hothouse

Edie Grace is the chef at the Tup, the local pub in Ravenglass, a small northern town close to the Sellafield nuclear processing plant. When Edie cuts her finger chopping some veg, little does she suspect that the few drops of blood she sheds at an ancient stone circle will reawaken an ancient malevolence known as ‘the Candle’, and before long Ravenglass is engulfed in a round of ritual mutilation, murder and shifting realities.

Saying any more than that about the plot would spoil all the fun of your reading of Tom Fletcher’s novel my dear Hothouse Flowers. However this is an exceptionally well-written story that more than once wrong foots your inner Sherlock Holmes with an almighty great red herring. In fact, the quality of Fletcher’s literary style puts me very much more in mind of dark modern crime writers like Ian Rankin or Peter May than that of…

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